Malik Junaid

I am Motion Graphics and a Video Editor

About Me

I am a freelance Video Editor based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. You can follow me on social media with the links below.

Featured Work

These are my Some Works I can do!!. I can make Realstste Video, Real Estate Promo, Lyrics Videos, Youtube Videos, YouTube Intros and Outros, Almost Every Kind Of Video.

Storytelling Videos

In These Videos Client Only Gave Me Script, raw data (videos), Subtitles, transitions, etc each and everything are done by me. 

Wedding Section

Wedding Slideshows

All Below Videos are just  references i can make any kind ok videos like wedding Highlights, Promos, Detail Videos,etc 

Valentines Greeting

An Example/Reference of Greetings can be changed as a wedding invitation have multiple options of these.

Wedding Invitations

I can make any kind of invitation, Weddings, Birthday, etc

Instagram Wedding Invitation

Color Corrections

Wedding Title

YouTube Pack

Contact Form

My inbox is always open, you can contact me with the contact form here